Dr. Marta Pazos

Supported by a BSc. in Chemistry, MS in Polymer Science and doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, Dr. Marta began a fifteen-year journey into the health and beauty industry ultimately leading to the founding of “dr. mp”, a company dedicated to among other things, formulating skincare products for private labels. And to think it all began with a pimple.

Growing up in Spain, Dr. Marta got what many young teens come to dread – a pimple. Driven by a strong curiosity to learn about skincare products, she began to research labels, actives, and test all hypotheses and ideas. Her passion for all matters of the skin grew throughout her college and graduate school years, fueled by an increased understanding of chemistry and its never-ending applications to the betterment of the health and beauty of skin. This passion led to the beginning of her career in the health and beauty industry.

Soon after getting her doctorate degree, Dr. Marta joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) to pursue her innate love for beauty and the fascinating industry around it. As a scientist at Gillette, Dr. Marta’s first few years at P&G found her making grooming more fun for men and women. From there, she moved to Singapore via Kobe, Japan to become a senior chemist for the Japanese iconic prestige brand SKII, followed by a move to the UK to lead several projects for the cosmetics lines of D&G and Gucci, back then part of the Prestige business of P&G.

In 2015, Dr. Marta accepted a position as a Director of R&D for the Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) in New York City. While at ELC, she developed new test procedures; troubleshot many issues from production to consumer products; and deeply comprehended the business of formulation from creation to packaging along with the tricky business of consumer research.

In 2021, after spending a decade and a half in corporations, Dr. Marta established her own company, “dr. mp”. Applying her never-ending creativity to formulate products such as “Rejuvalift”, a face rejuvenation formula, Dr. Marta is now using her expertise as a formulator to develop skincare lines for private labels, startups and companies that wish to extend their product lines.

Besides the science of skincare, Dr. Marta has accumulated expertise in packaging materials and their interaction/stability/toxicity when in contact with product. In fact, her passion for preserving the environment led her to join the board of “regeneration.vc”; a fund dedicated solely to the promotion of businesses centered in circular economy.

Dr. Marta’s deep knowledge and expertise in polymers, metals, glass, coatings, composites, UV curables, protective and decorative technologies have been used in numerous other applications such as additive manufacturing/ 3D printing, construction (adhesives and coatings), appliances, devices and more.

After living in seven different countries, Dr. Marta now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with Tokyo and Neko, her two Bengal cats.


Dr. Marta has one of the rarest of abilities in knowing a lot about every question we've had regarding complex molecules, production techniques and packaging solutions. She has pretty much seen or done it all within the beauty world and it's really exciting to watch her bring best of breed products to the market. We have put dozens of promising technologies in front of her and so few have passed her bar. Whatever she has her name on can definitely be regarded as having passed through the highest level of scrutiny as it relates to people and planet.

Michael SmithGeneral Partner | Regeneration.vc

As an advisor to Regeneration.VC, Dr. Marta has proven that she is a highly qualified chemist who knows how to produce real results and has assisted us in finding real solutions to today's environmental problems. Dr. Marta is highly qualified, very easy to work with, creative, and organized. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Marta for your needs.

Dan FishmanGeneral Partner | Regeneration.vc

I’ve known Dr. Marta for almost two years now. She is a uniquely cosmetic chemist and an amazing and bright person who brings knowledge, creativity, passion and above all experience and competency to everything she does, including her new line of cosmetic products. I tried them and they do work! So, if you want a product that will lift your appearance, and your spirit, look no further and try her formulated Rejuvalit. It works and you won’t regret it!

Marcela LopesSenior Marketing Director | Sustain Fiber

I worked with Marta on high profile R&D projects across fortune 200 companies. Marta is impressive as she is enthusiastic. She brings an incredibly unique perspective to her work that breaks the status quo to convert projects into grounded, creative and high impact endeavors. Apart from her remarkable drive and creativity, her extraordinary personality makes her an outstanding team player who brings cross functional teams together, listens carefully and engages everyone in the room. I am fortunate to have worked with Marta, I deeply admire her, and I would gladly work with her as a colleague, direct report or partner.

Ana Maria MenesesMBA Candidate | University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

I first connected with Dr. Marta at the 2021 NYSCC Supplier’s Day. From the start, I noticed the copious amount of knowledge that Dr. Marta had about cosmetic formulations and skin care. Dr. Marta has been an amazing consultant that has helped me understand the industry better and has allowed me to stay up to date with new solutions to the current formulation challenges in the personal care industry. Due to her teachings, I have been able to help customers solve formulation issues as well as guide them towards the new current trends in the market. Additionally, I have been able to better take care of my own skin due to her very helpful tips and videos on skin care.

John Gue-IanniSales Development Representative

Having worked with Marta, I was more than happy to help her test some samples of a new skin care product she created called Rejuvalift. A few days later, the samples arrived at our home, but then soon afterwards, they mysteriously disappeared. Admittedly, I forgot about the whole thing until about three weeks later when, to my surprise, I saw the half-empty bottle one night in my wife’s medicine cabinet! Apparently, she thought her sister had sent her the samples and now, my wife loves Rejuvalift. At least that’s one of us whose tried it…and liked it! (Greg to this day has yet to try Rejuvalift, but can definitely vouch for it’s effectiveness.)

Greg JohnsonSales and Marketing Executive

Wow! Rejuvalift is amazing. I am addicted to it. It's very easy to use and in four minutes I see the results. As a skin care therapist licensed in Brazil and the United States I highly recommended Rejuvalift.

Daniela WeberSkin Care Therapist in Brazil and the USA

Dr. Marta is a magician. Her skincare products work wonders, and the science is grounded. Love the educational component alongside… it’s important to know what all those ingredients really mean! Skincare the way it should be.

Destana HerringAnalyst


  • Dr. Marta

    Supported by a BSc. in Chemistry, MS in Polymer Science and doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, Dr. Marta began a fifteen-year journey into the health and beauty industry ultimately leading to the founding of “dr. mp”, a company dedicated to among other things, formulating skincare products for private labels. She is the author of many informative blog articles.