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Activate Your Skin...

...with Dr. Marta

Dr. Marta Pazos is an experienced cosmetic chemist that's devoted most of her life to researching and understanding how science can help keep skin healthy and youthful looking. Now, she wants to share her knowledge with those who desire the natural beauty and glow that healthy skin can give.

Transform yourself...ACTIVATE!

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See Dr. Marta On ABC News

Dr. Marta Pazos stopped by ABC News to discuss non-surgical options for skin care. During this segment on their “Healthy Living” series, she demonstrates “Rejuvalift” to viewers.

“Rejuvalift” is a product Dr. Marta formulated that lifts and tightens skin to remove wrinkles, lines, bags, and crepey texture around the eyes and other areas of the face.

Learn About Rejuvalift

Dr. Marta's Swim Week Presentation

Dr. Marta attended the 41st Annual “Swim Week” to talk to attendees about the importance of skin health. In her presentation, she talked about skin health, botox (or “nobotox”) alternatives, and other ways to help you look better. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Marta answered questions from the audience about skin protection.

Five “Lifestyle Tweaks” For Your Wellbeing

Who doesn’t want great looking skin, right? The question is how much are you willing to invest in your wellbeing to achieve it?

You may have read articles like 10 steps to better looking skin; 20 ways to have healthy, youthful skin; or the 15 best ways to get that glow back into your skin. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of articles and blog posts on the topic, many offering sound advice. (Some are pitching products, but hey, I everyone has to make a living.) But the reality is, having healthy skin is an investment, a set of proactive activities. The more time you invest in testing different products out, the better the results. 

I’m going to keep things simple for you. I’m suggesting 5 actions that I call “tweaks”. If you can manage to take these 5 actions you WILL see a difference in the health of your skin.

Do you want youthful-looking, glowing skin? Click on the link below and learn how.

5 Tweaks to Better Skin

What is Your Skin Type?

I’ll bet the reason you are visiting my website is that you are looking for answers…answers about how you can have youthful, glowing, healthy skin. The good news is I’ve spent the majority of my life pursuing healthy skin and I have some helpful insight to share with you.

Question: What is the largest organ in our body?

Answer: Our skin.

I know. It was sort of a trick question. Skin is on the outside of our body, not the inside. But the point is, many people do not understand the best way to take care of their skin. It helps to know what sort of skin you have and what sorts of problems you’re having.

A great place to start is knowing what type of skin you have and how to best treat it.

Skin Types

Meet Dr. Marta

Dr. Marta is a creator, innovator, and troubleshooter, who after nearly a couple of decades in corporate, recently became a founder of “”, a business that offers formulating services to the skincare industry.

A native of Spain, where she obtained her BSc. in Chemistry and MS in Polymer Science, she came to the USA as a Fulbright Scholar to earn her doctorate in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Akron.

Dr. Marta’s longtime interest and deep passion for all things skincare, has led to a desire to share her knowledge with those who wish to transform themselves and realize how much of a different healthier skin will make.

Dr. Marta's Bio


  • Dr. Marta

    Supported by a BSc. in Chemistry, MS in Polymer Science and doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, Dr. Marta began a fifteen-year journey into the health and beauty industry ultimately leading to the founding of “dr. mp”, a company dedicated to among other things, formulating skincare products for private labels. She is the author of many informative blog articles.